Enzyme Freezer Program

StockroomThe Genomics Technology Core maintains stocks of common molecular biology reagents for purchase from several vendors. Substantial cost savings and convenient access to products for campus researchers are the primary benefits of the Enzyme Freezer Program.

A Order Form must be filled out and supplied with purchase.

Hours: 8:30-12:00pm and 1:30-4:00pm
Location: Room 213b, Life Science Center
Questions: Kate Shipova (884-7439; ShipovaE@missouri.edu)

Special Orders

Items not routinely stocked by participating vendors can be special ordered. Shipping and handling are waived. Items may receive a discount price with arrangements for discounts varying by vendor. All special orders will be placed on Monday and Wednesday. Orders must be received before noon to be included in that days order.

Special orders are placed by filling out a Order Form. The form may be attached as a PDF file to e-mail or delivered in person to room 215. The form must be filled out completely with MO code, authorized signature, description, catalog number, quantity, units (if necessary) and catalog price. Be sure that the catalog number is correct since the order will be placed according to the catalog number.

Status and arrival of the special order can be tracked from the Special Order Tracking page on the core website.

Note: Items not accepted for special order are hazardous material (e.g. acids, trizol, phenol), bulk reagents(>1kg quantity), equipment, and labware.