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The University of Missouri DNA Core Facility is a state of the art research facility providing services to greater than 200 investigators on all four campus of the UM system, outside academic institutions and commercial enterprises. Our research facility provides services in:

  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Fragment Analysis
  • Illumina (Next Gen) Sequencing
  • Illumina Library Construction

Staff at the DNA Core are eager to provide our services, as well as, our expertise in support of your research. Contact the DNA Core to discuss a future project.

  • HiSeq Instruments

    Illumina Sequencing Services

    The MU DNA Core has provided next generation sequencing services since 2008. Core staff are experienced with RNA/DNA QC techniques, library construction methods, and data generation on Illumina instruments.

    The facility maintains a NextSeq 500 and two MiSeq instruments, as well as, necessary ancillary equipment. The combined data yield of these instruments allows the DNA Core to provide sequencing capacity for both the small and large project. Contact the DNA Core to discuss a future project.

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  • 3730xl

    Sanger Sequencing Services

    The MU DNA Core accommodates both single sample users and high-throughput projects. The facility utilizes a 3730xl 96-capillary DNA Analyzer with Applied Biosystems Big Dye Terminator cycle sequencing chemistry. The 96-capillary instrument with robotic plate handler provides a high throughput capacity at minimal cost to investigators.

    Read lengths up to 900 bases per reaction are routine, providing the template is of high quality. Turn around time for submissions is 24 hours. Contact the DNA Core for additional information.

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Enzyme Freezer Program

The DNA Core also maintains the campus Enzyme Freezer Program which contains an extensive inventory of restriction enzymes, PCR and qPCR reagents, DNA and RNA purification kits, and various chemicals and biochemicals all at discount prices and with no shipping charges. To learn about stocked items, select "Enzyme Freezer Program" from the navigation menu.

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